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Glass Curtain Wall Silicone Sealant

JS-9022 Double Component Structure Silicone Sealant

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Two components,neutral curing,high module products include A component (base adhesive) and B component(curing gagent)When using the adhesive,A comporent and B component shaII be mixed evenly with the Proportion of A:B=10:1(proportion by voiume)orA:B=12:1(proportion by weight).The product is featured with ozone resistance uItravioIet resistance and other superior weathering reslstance,high and low temperature resistance between -50℃ to 100℃,exceIlent bonding and elasticity.


StructuraI assembling of gIass curtain walI,particuIarly suitable for the structural assembly of glass and metal members of workshop curtain wall;Second bonding and sealing of hollow glass and other industrial Buildings.


The basic adhesive is white,catalyzing agent is black,the mixture is black.


In condition of 23℃,A componentis put into a metal drum with 190L net capacity and B component is put into a plastic drum with 19L net capacity;or A component is put into a metal drum with 19L net capacityand B component is put into pipe with net capacity of 300ml/piece x 8 pieces.

National Standard

2MG GB16776—2005

Use Restriction

①All seep grease,plasticizing agent and other liquid organic material may affect the binding force of structural adhesive;②If the temperature on material surface exceeds 50℃ during gluing, bubbles wiII be created during structuraI adhesive curing;③It is not suitabfe for the wet atea all the Year round and long-term soggy places;④It is not suitable for the walkway,the area worn out seriously and damaged physically.


The product conforms to state relevant standards The consistency test shalI be conducted acco rding to the technical requi rements of the state construction standards before using Please refer to《Operation guideIine of Sheng Shi silicone st ructural adhesive》for details.

Transportation And Storage

This product is not a flammable and explosive material,so it can be transported as a normal non-hazardous product. It shall be stored in a dry,cool and well-ventilated place below 27℃. As of production date,the storage period is 12 months.

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