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Acetic Silicone Sealant

JS-208 Dotted Glass Member Adhesive Sealant

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  • Date:2015-12-31
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JS-208 dotted glass adhesive is in single component,acid curing,high modulus,having excellent weathering and aging resistance,good bonding power,displacement capacity up to ±20%.


Mainly used in do~ed joint sealing on glass curtain wall;

Bonding and sealing on large plate glass,fishbowl,light roof,glass members;

Structural sealing on transparent glass curtain wall members;

Bonding and sealing on all kinds of aluminum doors and windows and glass parts.


Black,Porcelain white,aluminium,Transparent(other colors are available

 according to customer requirements)


Hard  300ml Carton:1×24

National Standard

1G GB 16776—2005

Use Restriction

①Not suitable for the material with seep grease,plasticizing agent or solvent,such as the surface of oil-impregnated wood;②It is not suitable on non-ventilated places as silicone sealant requires absorbing moisture in air for curing;③It is not suitable for using When the temperature on the matenal surface is lower than 4℃ or higherthan 40℃.


The p roduct conforms to state relevant standards.The consistency test shall be conducted according to the technical requirements of the state construction standards before using.Please refer to《Operation guideline of Sheng Shi silicone structural adhesive》for details.

Transportation And Storage

This product is not a flammable and explosive material SO it can be怕nsported as a normal non—hazardOUS product It shall be stored in a dry,cool and well-ventated place below 27℃.As of production date,the storage, period is 18 months.

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