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Special Silicone Sealant

Super Sealant For Bronzen Door

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Description & Properties:

The sealant will not pollute the copper plate, the copper plate will not turn green

Fast drying, the next process can be carried out after 4 hours;

Excellent adhesion, copper plate will not be stripped, spare parts will not be displaced;

Good filling ability, no deformation to copper plate;

Good weatherability, low odor and long service life.


Typical Application:
For sealing and bonding the copper plate and frame;

For sealing and bonding the copper plate and the decorative assembly lines.



Black, Bronze color(Other colors are available according to customer requirements)


Hard 300ml Carton: 1 x 24

Soft  590ml carton:  1 x 20

National Standard

A G 25LM GB/T14683-2003



1.Must use methylbenzene or acetone as solvent, the interface is clean and keep dry.

2.Put the tape on protected part before application, but not come to the surface of basic.

3.Paring-off before curing, in order to achieve good appearance.

Use Restriction

1.Should not be used as structural adhesive

2.long-term buried in the underground and immersion situation

3.oily materials should not be applied



1.In the process of using, the workplace should maintain good ventilation.

2.the uncured sealant should not be long time direct contact with the skin, such as accidentally into eyes, wash immediately with water and medical treatment, avoid children to reach them.

3.if swallowed, go to hospital immediately.



Should be stored in a cool dry place below 27 degrees, in this condition, the storage period is 9 months since the ex-works date.


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