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MS Polimer Sealant
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MS Sealant

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Product characteristics
MS sealant is a one-component, low modulus with very good adhesion to most substrates as  metal, alumimum, marble, granite and concrete, with excellent "stress relaxation" and movement. It is compatible with most paint systems and very durable.

The main advantages are as follows:
1. It has extensive adhesiveness, and has excellent adhesion to most building materials such as glass, aluminum, stone, concrete, wood and so on.
2. The surface can be painted, and can be painted according to the needs of customers.

3. Excellent weathering and aging resistance;
4. Environmental protection, low VOC, non-toxic, tasteless, no pollution to substrate, no corrosion.

Main uses
Waterproof and mildew proof sealing for the kitchen and toilet ware; sealing the insulation board, the precast plate , the concrete, the stone, the non structural seal between the aluminum plate and the metal and so on.

1, it is suggested to do compatibility test before use.
2. The air circulation should be kept in the construction environment.
3, the substrate surface must be clean to ensure no dust and no oil pollution.
4, when glue is injected, make sure the glue fills the joints without gaps, and then modify them before solidifying.

1. Keep away from children;
2. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. If contact with skin, wipe and wash with soapy water; if inadvertently contact with eyes, rinse with a large amount of water first and ask for medical service as soon as possible.
3. It is not suitable for building glass curtain wall.
4, waterproof and moisture-proof, handle with caution, no compression and collision.

It is stored under ventilation, drying and temperature below 27 degrees, and the shelf life is 9 months.

white color; 24pcs/carton

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